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(Thursday, December 03, 2015)

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UCHRA / Tennessee Career Center At Cookeville

Where People and Jobs Connect

At the Tennessee Career Center at Cookeville you will find a user-friendly atmosphere. A one-stop source that delivers a wide range of career advancement opportunities like: interviewing techniques, resume writing skills, assessment career counseling and much more!

Use our resource room to search the internet, brush up on the latest software, or develop your job search materials all at no charge. Our professional staff members are ready to find the right job for you!


Find your local Career Center location along with some of the
available programs below!

Find additional information available for job seekers and employers at

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Job Enhancement Services
All services provided with no cost or obligation

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DeKalb County Macon County Smith County
726 South Congress Blvd 607 Highway 52 By-Pass 140 Davis Street
Smithville, TN 37166 Lafayette, TN 37083 South Carthage, TN 37030
Phone: (615) 597-4504 Phone: (615) 666-3377 Phone: (615) 735-0476
Fax: (615) 597-8322 Fax: (615) 666-0577 Fax: (615) 735-0577
Mitzi Bradford
Tracy Powell
Ann Sanders
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Fentress County Putnam County White County
308 Main Street South 580 S Jefferson Ave / Suite A 826 Valley View Drive
Jamestown, Tn 38566 Cookeville, TN 38501 Sparta, TN 38583
Phone: (931) 879-8040 Phone: (931) 520-8733 Phone: (931) 738-6255
Fax: (931) 879-9157 Fax: (931) 520-0651 Fax:(931) 738-6258
Carol Watson
Career Ctr Coordinator:
Johnnie Wheeler
Sheila Robinson
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Cannon County Jackson County Pickett County
301 West Main Street 238 A N. Grundy Quarles Hwy 105 South Main Street
Adams Memorial Bldg. rm 302 Gainesboro, TN 38562 Pickett County Senior Center
Woodbury, TN 37190 Byrdstown, TN 38549
Phone: (615) 563-2916 Phone: (931) 268-9840 Phone: 864-6540
Coordinator: Tim Baines Coordinator: Alice Barlow Coordinator: Jamie Edwards
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Clay County Overton County  
500 Dow Avenue 106 West Henson Street  
Celina, TN 38551 Livingston, TN 38570  
Phone: (615) 597-4504 Phone: (931) 268-9840  
Fax: (931) 243-4402 Fax: (931) 823-7235  
Sandra Grace
Dian Dillon
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The Workforce Investment Act Program is designed to make employment and training services readily accessible to all customers — employers and job seekers. Answering local employment needs, local elected officials in cooperation with Workforce Investment Boards composed of business persons, educators, and community leaders will customize services to each Workforce Investment Act area. The local Workforce Investment area served by UCHRA is 12 counties: Cannon, Clay, DeKalb, Fentress, Jackson, Macon, Overton, Pickett, Putnam, Smith, Van Buren, and White. Affiliate Career Centers, co-locating workforce development programs in a single location, have opened in most counties. WIA services are available for adults, youth, and dislocated workers. Service goals are as follows:

For comments or suggestions please contact Pat Callahan lwia7@yahoo.com
or call (931) 528-1127


The Youth Program serves younger and older youth participants. Of the total 132 older youth served, 68 were enrolled through ARRA funding. In addition, of the 132 older youth served, 102 were enrolled in occupational skills training at area technology centers and colleges. A total of 293 younger youth were served through the Career Training Programs in area high schools.

President's Academy for Emerging Technologies

Innovative experiences relating to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) were included in the President's Academy for Emerging Technologies on the Campus of Tennessee Technological University. Thirty-four (34) area high school students ranging in ages from 14-16 attended the six-day residential camp. Nine counties in LWIA7 were represented in STEM activities.

Dislocated Worker

Provides classroom training, on-the-job training and job placement for individuals who have lost their jobs due to plant closure, business failure, mass lay-off, or individuals who are long-term unemployed, and who become unemployed due to general economic conditions. Of the 318 dislocated workers served, 248 were enrolled in classroom training.

Adult Program

Provides classroom training, on-the-job training and job placement assistance. Of the 565 served, 425 attended classroom training and 6 entered on-the-job training.

Statewide Programs

Statewide funds in the amount of $274,187 were used during the past program year to complete 36 LPN students and 47 RN Bridge students. 59 students completed training and are employed as Nurses.


The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development makes available funds to meet skill shortages statewide. We have requested funding for and have received grants for the activities and grants listed below for the coming year:

Training Funding

Professional Resort and Culinary Management


LPN/RN Bridge $100,000

Disability Navigator Program

Disability Navigator address the need of individuals with disabilities seeking training and employment opportunities through the one-stop Career Center System.
Funding Source: U.S. Department of Labor and Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development
Total Served PY 09: 60
Total Entered Employment: 14

WIA Incumbent Workers Program

The Incumbent Worker training program provides skills upgrade training to enable employees to earn higher pay while making employers more competitive and allow us to keep jobs in our area. During the past year, Incumbent Worker Training was completed by employees at Tutco in Putnam County. LWIA received $49,987 in contracted dollars for PY 2009. Training was provided for 281 employees in the Upper Cumberland.

Title V, Senior Community Service Employment Program ( SCSEP)

Title V provides part-time employment in public and non-profit facilities for individuals 55 years of age and over who meet set income guidelines.
Counties served: 10
Total served PY 09: 141
Total Entered Employment: 26

The above programs are funded by US Department of Labor grants through contracts with the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development